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Board of Commissioners

Said Reza Pahlevy

President Commissioner

An Indonesian Citizen, born in Banda Aceh, September 6, 1969, Said Reza Pahlevy has completed his Bachelor of Economics in Accounting at the University of Indonesia (UI), Jakarta, Indonesia and D3 in Accounting Economics at the Polytechnic – Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia.

Curently, serving as finance Director at PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk, since 2018. Previously served as Director of Administration & Finance, Pertamina Patra Niaga, 2015 - 2018. He also was served as a VP Sared Services Center, Pertamina, 2011- 2015, Finance Operations Manager, Pertamina 2009 – 2011, SPC Project Leader Co, Pertamina 2008 – 2009, Project Leader Revamping A/R, Pertamina, 2007 – 2008, Implementation of SAP R/3 Project, Pertamina 2001 – 2006 and Accounting Staff at the Finance Directorate, 1992 – 2000.

With a background as an Accountant, he began his 8 years career at the Accounting Function at the Finance Directorate and was actively involved for the next 15 years in the transformation process of PT Pertamina (Persero) in the SAP R/3 and SAP ECC6 implementation projects, in 2008 – 2015 succeeded in making significantchanges, especially in the field of Finance and Information Technology by implementing a centralized process of recording and reporting that contributed greatly to the process of finalizing financial statements that were more accurate and timely. Roll out this centralization process is not only done at the center but covers most of the subsidiaries. Also contributing to several Breakthrough Projects  as well as being the initiator of the birth of the Oil Flow Governance Improvement Team (PTKAM) which has a significant impact on the reduction in oil losses that continue to date. Indonesia in BUMN synergy program.

Desima Equalita Siahaan


An Indonesian citizen, born in Jakarta, December 6 1967. Desima Equalita Siahaan completed a master Degree Education at Oaklahoma City University, USA, and Bachelor Degree in Padjajaran University, Bandung, Indonesia.

Curenntly, serving as Director oh Human Resources and General at PT Perushaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk, since 2017. Previously he served as Corporate Sercetary in 2017, Division Head of Corporate Support & Services from 2015 – 2017, Head of Corporate Sercetariat 2014 – 2015 and the Head oh the Office for Analysis and Reporting 2011 – 2014 at Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk. Desima Equalita Siahaan also served as sari wangi &Lipton Tea and RTD Tea Senior Brand Manager in 1997 – 2000. 6 years of experience in the fast Moving Consumer Goods industry with high demands for creativity and innovation, accurate market strategy and a sharp business perspective, so as to have the ability :

  • Processing and improving corporate branding so that it can add value to PGN as a state company
  • Strong personal character as an innovative leader value of personal character as an innovative leader Value of Personal that has been carried out and personal tagline
  • Not easily satisfied with the achievements, there is always room to develop and innovate
  • “Always pushing beyond my limit” is always the motivation and value that is instilled daily.
  • Persistence, not giving up easily and always passionate in every job

Emron Pangkapi


Emron Pangkapi was born in Pangkal Pinang Bangka Belitung Islands on 26 June 1957 and an Indonesian citizen. His education background was journalism and he began his career as a journalist at some newspapers, such as, Pelita Jakarta (1981-1984), Ekonomi Bisnis Indonesia (1985-1989), and an Editor of Media Indonesia 1989-1993). He then shifted the professions, acting in politics and community organization.

He was elected as a member of People's Consultative Assembly (MPR RI in Indonesia) since 1992 to 1997 and active in a member of agency workers People’s Consultative Assembly (Badan Pekerja MPR RI) whom its job to conduct  the ‘GBHN’ (1993-1998). Afterwards, He was appointed as a chairman in Assembly at Provincial ‘Kepulauan Bangka Belitung’ (2001-2004) and special staff for Minister of Cooperative ‘Usaha Kerja Menengah’  (2005-2009). 

In addition, he is active in various educational and cultural social organizations, and known as one of the founders of the University of Bangka Belitung (UBB), Tamadun Melayu Nusantara, Yayasan Pembina Olahraga Pemula Indonesia (Yapopi) and noted as a Permanent Member of the World Malay World Malay Conference (DMDI) based in Malacca since 1999.

Emron Pangkapi is also known as a writer. His workbooks are: Hukuman Mati Imam Imran (Alumni, Bandung)’, Praperadilan Dalam Kenyataan (Djambatan, Jakarta), as well as various paper seminars / workshops.

Withdrawing from the activities of national politics, Emron Pangkapi was appointed as an Independent Commissioner of PT Timah (Persero) Tbk (2015-2016) and was subsequently appointed as Commissioner of PGAS Communications Nusantara since November 2017, based on circular shareholders' decisions.

Dr. Anak Agung Gde Ngurah Ari Dwipayana, SIP, MSI


Anak Agung Gde Ngurah Ari Dwipayana was born in Ubud - Gianyar, Bali on 24 February 1972 and an Indonesian citizen. He was graduated from the Department of Government Science FISIPOL Gadjah Mada University in 1995 and gained his Master of Political Science degree in Political Science, Gadjah Mada University in 2003. In 2013, he got a Doctorate degree in Political Science at Gadjah Mada University.

Since 1997 he was a lecturer both in Political and Governmental Department of FISIPOL Gadjah Mada University and in Master Program of Post-Graduate Political Science Gadjah Mada University. He was also active in the Civil Society Movement and was a researcher at the Institute for Research Empowerment Yogyakarta and Knowledge Program CRCS at Gadjah Mada University. He involved to become an Expert Team for Academic Manuscript Drafting and RUU (Constitution draft) of Yogyakarta, Ministry of Home Affairs in 2007, Expert Team for Drafting Academic and Rural Law (RUU)  of the Ministry of Home Affairs from 2008 to 2010, Expert Team for Preparing Academic Paper and Rural Law (RUU), Regional Government Constitution Draft (RUU) and Study of Constitutional Draft (RUU) on Special Autonomy, Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia from 2011 to 2013, Independent Appraisers Team in Selection of KPU RI and the chief of KPU Selection Team of DIY Province in 2013.

In 2003, he established the Uluangkep Foundation, an NGO engaged in research and empowerment of indigenous villages in Bali. In 2011, he became a Chairman of the Foundation Tat Twan Asi Nusantara in Yogyakarta and became a Secretary General of Gadjah Mada Alumni Center for the period 2014-2019.

Anak Agung Gde Ngurah Ari Dwipayana was appointed as Commissioner of PT PGAS Telekomunikasi Nusantara since 1 September 2015 to date, based on the Decree of Shareholders on 7 September 2015.

Board of Directors

Dwika Agustianto

President Director

Dwika Agustianto was born in Yogyakarta on August 31st, 1967, an Indonesian domiciled in Indonesia. His educational background start from Senior High School 2 Kediri, graduated in 1986. In 1986 -1992 continued his education at Sebelas Maret University - Surakarta, Department of Civil Engineering. And, in 2008, graduated as a Bachelor and Master of Management (MM) Faculty of Economics and Business, Gajah Mada University - Yogyakarta

Starting March 1996, joining PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk, which is one of the state-owned companies engaged in the field of Gas Transmission and distribution. Up to now have worked in PGN for 22 years with various position assignments, namely:

  • 1996 - 2011 as Manager of Logistics Division, Planning Division and Sales Area in Palembang and Banten
  • 2011 - 2012, assigned as Plt. Head of Strategic Planning Division
  • 2012 - May 31, 2015 Head of Sales and Services Department - SBU I West Java.
  • June 1, 2015 - September 31, 2015: Senior Expert Gas For Power

In year 2015-2016 Dwika Agustianto had served as President Director of PT. Widar Mandripa Nusantara (a subsidiary of PT GEI) engaged in electricity.

Right on May 20, 2016 – present He is assigned as a Senior Expert Gas For Marine with responsibility for business development for conversion of BBM to Natural Gas (LNG bunkering and converter) for marine transportation (Passenger ships and Ferri vessels) in cooperation with PT . ASDP Ferry Indonesia in BUMN synergy program.

Larassetyo Wibowo

Director of Technical & Commercial

Larassetyo Wibowo was born in Semarang on 6 March 1972 and an Indonesian citizen. He completed his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering Department Gadjah Mada University in 1996. In 2000, he joined a training in Information Technology for 4 months in Japan with AOTS scholarship, then he received a StuNed scholarship for a Master degree at Department of Telematics, Universiteit Twente Netherlands in 2001.

He started his career as Head of Production Section at PT. Astra Honda Motor in early 1996, then at the end of 1997 he joined with PT. Indosat Tbk. While in Indosat, he involved in core projects as System Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Process Reengineering Manager, up to the latest position as Division Head (VP) IT Planning. In the summer holidays, he also worked at the Fraunhofer Institute of Germany as a Research Analyst while studying in the Netherlands.

Since 2010 he developed his career in several multi-national companies in Indonesia, started as Project Manager at Amdocs, then GM IT Planning & Development at Berca Wimax, GM MIS at PT. Hutchison 3 Indonesia, TMT Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting Indonesia, and BRM at PT. XL Axiata. He also involved in e-commerce startup incubation and some other startup in logistics & supply chain, MFS (Mobile Financial Service) / e-Money, Digital Service and Payment Gateway.

Larassetyo Wibowo was appointed as Technical and Commercial Director of PT. PGAS Telekomunikasi Nusantara since 1 May 2017 based on the decree of Shareholders dated 2 May 2017.


Director of Finance & Administration

An Indonesian citizen, born in Blitar on September 14, 1972. Wibisono has completed his Master's Degree at Gajah Mada University, majoring in Master of Management and took his Bachelor Degree in Brawijaya University.

He currently serves as a Director of Finance & Administration of PT PGAS Telekomunikasi Nusantara since 2018. Previously served as a Director of Finance & Administration of PT Gagas Energi Indonesia and has been assigned as a Commissioner of PT PGAS Telekomunikasi Nusantara. Wibisono started his career at Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk., Since 1997.